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The following list of articles are the latest news from Lazar Research Laboratories, Inc. You will find unique solutions to difficult analysis problems in the fields of biotechnology, biological sciences, food science, geology, and analytical chemistry. Please take a minute to scan the article titles. If anything is of interest to you just click the title to view the full article.

1. Micro pH electrode measures pH of single drop

2. Measuring acid rain residues on leaves using the micro pH electrode

3. Measure common ions and O2 in culture plates

4. Biotechnology Breakthrough
Conductivity and pH montioring optimizing protein separations

5. Cell culture update- update on organ perfusion studies
Real time monitoring of pH, pO2, pCO2, optimizes cell culture and organ perfusion studies

6. Needle pH Probe Measures Oxygen in Tissue

7. Dissolved oxygen probe for lab and field applications

8. Rapid determination of moisture in foods using Karl Fisher titrator

9. Improve HPLC performance using the all PFA fluoropolymer solvent filter-degasser

10. HPLC solvent bottle caps prevent contamination in HPLC solvent reservoirs

11. New method directly reads % salt in foods without titration

12. Spear tip pH electrode used as QC inspection tool on cheese

13. Lazar micro chloride electrode used in cystic fibrosis screening

14. Flow through dissolved oxygen probe for bioreactor and chromatography applications

15. Application Note: direct determination % salt in packing medium of canned vegetables, fruits, juices, and pickles

16. HPLC column water jacket- low cost temperature control

17. Special pH Probe and measurement system for isoelectrice focusing

18. O2 Probe is used to show how sharks >:) burn up calories

19. All PFA fluoropolymer filtration apparatus for filtering hydrofluoric acid

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