New Product Release: Lazar Research Laboratories Introduces Dissolved Oxygen Probe
Los Angeles, Calif. - A probe which can measure dissolved oxygen as easily as pH, using any standard pH meter has been introduced here by Lazar Research Laboratories, Inc. The system, designated the DO-166 Dissolved Oxygen Probe, plugs directly into any standard pH meter, and can measure dissolved oxygen from 0 to 14 ppm with readability of 0.1 ppm. Response time is less than 30 seconds for 95% change. The probe completely eliminates the time consuming wet chemistry involved with the Winkler method. Calibration is quickly and easily done in the air. The probe fits into a standard BOD bottle for BOD measurements. A thermister temperature compensator is incorporated into the head of the probe. The probe comes in 4, 15 and 25 foot lengths for field and laboratory measurements.

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