New Product Release: Lazar Research Laboratories, Inc. Introduces HPLC Solvent Filter Degasser

Los Angeles, Calif. - An HPLC Solvent Filter Degasser System which enhances the performance of HPLC pumps and detectors by removing suspended particles and degassing solvents has been introduced here by Lazar Research Laboratories, Inc.

The system designated the FG-256 HPLC Solvent Filter Degasser screws directly onto a standard solvent bottle and can filter and degas as much as 1 gallon of solvent without refilling or operator attention. Filtered solvent is stored in an empty 1 gallon bottle. Degassing eliminates outgassing in HPLC detectors while filtration reduces wear of delicate pump valves and HPLC columns.

All components of the FG-256 system are made out of PFA fluoropolymer making it useable with both aqueous and organic solvents. The unit uses standard 47 mm filter membranes and connects directly to a vacuum source.

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