02 Probe is Used to Study How Sharks Burn Up Calories
Scientists have studied the bioenergetics (the biological study of energy in living systems) of lemon sharks. Bioenergetics can be thought of as the economics of an organism. Instead of dollars, the currency is energy measured in calories. A series of laboratory and field experiments were conducted to determine the shark's rate of food consumption, digestion, excretion and growth. The measurement of metabolism in sharks involves the indirect method of measuring the oxygen consumption of the shark and converting that value to calories. Generally, for each milliliter of oxygen consumed, a shark gives off about 5 calories of heat. A Lazar Model DO-166 Dissolved Oxygen Probe was used to measure the oxygen content of water within a test tank holding the shark during various levels of shark activity. Research findings show that daily metabolic changes in sharks appear to be internally times. Lemon sharks seem to have an internal clock and "know" what time it is even if they are kept in constant darkness. Scientists have observed such built- in day-night cycles, called ciradian rhythms, in human beings and many other animals, but this was the first time daily metabolic rhythms had been found in sharks. The Lazar DO-166 Dissolved Oxygen probe is a versatile instrument that can be used in lab studies such as this one or also in field applications where the entire probe is submerged in lakes and streams. A Micro PO2 electrode and micro flow through PO2 electrode are also available from Lazar. All oxygen probes feature a non-breakable Clark style electrodes with a signal conditioning module that allow direct readout on a pH-MV meters, or strip chart recorders.

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