Micro pH Electrode Measures pH of Single Drop

A micro combination pH electrode has been introduced by Lazar Laboratories that will measure samples as small as 10 microliters (about 1/4 the size of an average drop) in biological media such as cell culture, NMR tubes, gels, and biohazardous media.

The PHR-146 micro pH electrode fills the need for an accurate yet unbreakable pH electrode for routine analysis in biological media. The sensor is totally non-glass and is resistant to degradation due to protein binding. A long flexible fluoropolymer electrode stem allows the user to conduct biological assays in containers such as microtiter plates, culture tubes, cuvettes, micro test tubes, serum cups and NMR tubes. Due to the extreme flexibility of the stem, the probe can also be inserted into curved glass vessels.

The probe has a much lower imput impedance than conventional glass electrodes, giving the user the advantages of high stability, rapid response time, and high signal to noise ratio. It is useable with any laboratory pH meter. The pH sensor has a diameter of 1mm, and a combined diameter of 1.7mm, including the reference element. The pH sensor tip is also applicable for surface measurements on filter paper and eletrophoretic gels.

The micro combination pH probe is compatible with all major brand pH meters including Orion, Beckman, Corning, Fisher, and Radiometer.

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