All PFA fluoropolymer filtration apparatus can be used with Hydrofluoric acid and other solutions containing fluoride ion.

Lazar Research Laboratories, Inc. has recently introduced a filtration apparatus including funnel, membranes, and storage vessel made entirely of PFA fluoropolymer. The device can be hooked up to any convenient vacuum source ance can filter up to one liter of solution at a time.

The filtration apparatus is ideally suited for critical filtration applications including the filtration of hydrofluoric acid and other aqueous solutions containing fluoride ions which cannot normally be filtered in glass filtration vessels. The all PFA fluoropolymer system also has application to other demanding filtration applications including the filtration of various solvents, oxidizing acids, and strong bases. The Lazar filtration system comes with two funnel sizes and several storage vessel sizes to suit the application of the user. A manifold device is also available for running several PFA fluoropolymer filtration devices simultaneously.

The all PFA fluoropolymer filtration device has application in semiconductor processing, plating, biotechnology, HPLC, geology, and analytical chemistry.

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