New Spear Tip pH Electrode Used as Q.C. Inspection Tool on Cheese
Bacterial testing is performed as a routine procedure in food plant Q.C. labs. When bacterial colonies invade food substances they alter the pH level of that substance and lower it from the neutral range. A frozen pizza supplier is performing a rapid pH test of incoming ingredients to determine possible bacterial contamination. One main ingredient in their pizza is mozzarella cheese, which is delivered in 70 lb. slabs. These slabs are being pH tested by using a Lazar Laboratories spear point food grade pH electrode. This new probe designated Model 1113 features a spear point sensor for surface penetration and a ceramic annular reference junction that resists protein clogging of the junction material. A cone shape sample is taken from the cheese using a continuous knife cut. The electrode is speared into the sample approximately 2 to 3 inches deep and then retracted. About 5ml dionized water is poured into the spear hole and the electrode is reinserted. The reading is then read directly from a standard pH meter. The test can be used as a pass-fail type Q.C. test on incoming stock by nontechnical personnel.

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