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The Lazar Product Search Engine

Welcome to the LAZAR product search page. It is very easy to search forthe product you are interested in. Just look at the index of productsgiven below and simply point and click the product category you have aninterest in. Detailed specifications for products under that category willappear on the screen. Scroll down until the product of interest appears.For example, if you pointed and clicked micro pH electrode detailedinformation on this electrode would appear on your screen. Moreinformation can be obtained by simply clicking the email address below eachproduct spec sheet. Just type in a brief message which will be forwardedto us almost as soon as you finish typing it. We will try to get back toyou as soon as possible. We are confident that you will find this methodfor finding product information fast and convenientwithout the bother of looking through a bunch of thick catalogs.

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