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LAZAR INTRODUCES... Pure and Simple Solutions to Liquid Chromatography Problems. HPLC, as an analytical tool for detection and separation of chemical compounds, has become the most important laboratory technique over the last decade. As with all analytical techniques, minor processing problems sometimes appear which in the long run can have major impact on the accuracy of the system as well as its durability. Although the evolution of liquid chromatographs has brought the instruments via the microprocessor into the computer age there are still problems which the computer cannot solve. This is why we at LAZAR have spent the majority of our R & D time in solving those seemingly simple but persistent problems so that we can proudly tell you that we have the pure and simple chromatography solutions. VERSATILITY AND FLEXIBILITY The LAZAR Filter-Degasser can be used to accommodate almost all HPLC applications. For most ISOCRATIC applications, the Filter-Degasser can be directly screwed onto the popular 1 liter HPLC solvent/reservoir bottle (38mm cap). In this fashion, it is not necessary to further transfer the filtered- degassed solvent where reabsorption of gasses as well as particle contamination can further occur. 28mm and 33mm caps for 250 and 500 ml bottles are also available. The Filter-Degasser with 38mm cap also fits on the standard one gallon (4 liter) solvent bottle for filtration and degassing of solvent without requiring an operator's attention. A gallon of solvent can usually be filtered in less than 10 minutes. Further, the Filter-Degasser is also available with 24/40 and 19/22 standard taper for use with various Erlenmeyer and volumetric flasks. In addition it can be used with a 40/35 standard taper for use with the Millipore« type filtration flasks. For most GRADIENT separations, binary or ternary, LAZAR offers a versatile manifold system where simultaneous vacuum filtration and degassing of 2 or 3 solvents can be run from one vacuum source. The manifold system features individual shutoff valves for each vacuum operation, quick disconnect couplings for the individual filtration units, a master control valve for adjusting vacuum flow, and a disposable vacuum line filter as a safety feature against pump contaminants. The manifold can be attached to any vacuum source.
All fluoropolymer Filter Degasser
Chempure All PFA fluoropolymer Filteration System
ALL FLUOROPOLYMER FILTER-DEGASSER -the Simple Approach to Solvent Purification
Features *All PFA fluoropolymer construction- inert to most solvents, aqueous or organic. *Simple to install- fits directly on your standard solvent bottles or Erlenmeyer flasks. *Simple and economical to use- attach to any available vacuum line, put in the filter and you're operational. *In-line device can filter/degass 1 gallon in less than 10 minutes. *Vacuum line also establishes siphon to transfer solvent to storage bottle. Filtration and degassing of solvents and samples prior to analysis is recommended by most instrument manufacturers. Instrument manufacturers understand that particulate matter in solvents can cause damage to expensive pumps, clog analytical columns, and in general cause wear and tear to the instruments. The combination of particulate matter and dissolved gasses in solvents can also create spurious peaks or can result in baseline instability. Dissolved oxygen in solvents can cause direct interference with fluorescence and electrochemical detectors. HPLC grade solvents, even though filtered prior to shipment by the manufacturer, can accumulate particles during storage due to shedding from the solvent containers and solvent condensation or polymerization. The use of salts and buffers can also significantly contribute to particles in the mobile phase. Filtration and degassing of solvents with the LAZAR Filter/Degasser reduces instrument down-time, prolongs the life of the analytical columns, pumps, and valves and most importantly helps the instrument perform in optimal fashion. Ordering Information ITEM CATALOG NO. DESCRIPTION Filter Degasser FG-256 with 38 mm cap. " FG-256-33 with 33 mm cap. " FG-256-28 with 28 mm cap. " FG-256-24 with 24/40 std. taper. " FG-256-22 with 19/22 std. taper. " FG-256-35 with 40/35 std. taper. Filter Membranes SM-256 fluoropolymer filter membranes (47 mm dia., 0.2 micro- for organic solvents, meter porosity) pkg. of 10. Filter Membranes SM-256A Hydrophillic filter (47 mm dia., 0.45 micro- membranes for meter porosity) aqueous solvents, pkg. of 10 Return Top of Page Get Additional Information on Product How to Order CHEMPURE ALL PFA fluoropolymer FILTRATION SYSTEM
HIGH PURITY PREPARATION OF SOLVENTS AND SAMPLES. Features *All PFA fluoropolymer construction for chemical inertness. *Versatility and flexibility with adapters to accommodate most solvent bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks. *All PFA fluoropolymer funnel-volume 150 ml is standard with 300 ml optional. *PFA fluoropolymer screen to hold filter membranes. *Costs significantly lower than all competitive units. For the ultimate in filtration and degassing of discreet samples and specific volumes of solvents, LAZAR presents the Chempure Filtration System. Compared to the Filter-Degasser which is an "in-line" processing units, the Chempure is ideal for use where specific volumes of sample and/or solvent must be filtered and degassed. As with the LAZAR Filter-Degasser, the Chempure system offers maximum flexibility being available with various adapter caps for direct use with 1 liter solvent reservoir bottles, 1 gallon solvent bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks in the range of 125 to 1000 ml which have the 24/40 glass joint or the 40/35 glass joint Millipore« type flask. Chempure funnel volume is 150 ml and this can be increased to 300 ml with the use of an all fluoropolymer funnel extender. The Chempure system is useable with most organic and aqueous solvents and samples. Ordering Information ITEM CATALOG NO. DESCRIPTION Chempure Filtration System CP-256 with 38 mm cap. " CP-256-33 with 33 mm cap. " CP-256-28 with 28 mm cap. " CP-256-24 with 24/40 std. taper. " CP-256-22 with 19/22 std. taper. " CP-256-35 with 40/35 std. taper. " A-256 fluoropolymer funnel extender Filter Membranes SM-256C fluoropolymer Filter mem- (47 mm dia., 0.2 micrometer branes for organic sol- porosity) vents, pkg of 10. Filter Membranes SM-256CA Hydrophillic filter mem- (47 mm dia., 0.45 micrometer branes for aqueous sol- porosity) vents, pkg of 10. Vacuum Filtration Manifold System VFM-266 with 3 Filter-Degassers " VFM-266C with 3 chempures " VFM-266N without filtration units Return Top of Page Get Additional Information on Product How to Order

Solvent Storage Systems and Dispensing Accessories

Solvent Bottle Cap Assemblies Total Systems Concept for Isocratic and Gradient Requirments
SOLVENT BOTTLE CAP ASSEMBLIES Open solvent reservoir bottles or bottles with makeshift caps can lead to particle contamination and absorption of gasses during the storage and dispensing of solvent which has previously been filtered and degassed. LAZAR offers two unique bottle cap assemblies which can minimize solvent recontamination and gas absorption. These assemblies fit the standard 1 liter solvent bottle (38mm caps) or 500 and 250ml bottle (28 and 33mm caps). Adapter cap assemblies are also available for Erlenmeyer flasks with 24/40 standard taper. For users of the Millipore« type glass filtration apparatus, LAZAR offers a filter reservoir cap (40/35 standard taper) which fits directly onto the Millipore« type filtration flasks. This flask now becomes the solvent reservoir eliminating solvent repouring and the risk of recontamination and aeration.
Filter Reservoir Caps (FRC) Dispenser Reservoir Caps (DRC) LAZAR fluoropolymer Solvent Reservoir (TSR)
The FRC is a solvent reservoir cap with 1/8 PFA fluoropolymer tubing which attaches directly onto the HPLC pump. An air vent with disposable membrane filter for minimizing air contamination and solvent evaporation is included. ORDERING INFORMATION ITEM CATALOG NO. DESCRIPTION Filter Reservoir Cap FRC-1 cap, 38mm. " FRC-2 cap, 33mm. " FRC-3 cap, 28mm. " FRC-4 cap, 24/40 std. taper. " FRC-5 cap, 40/35 std. taper. DISPENSER RESERVOIR CAP (DRC) The second type cap assembly available, the Dispenser Reservoir Cap (DRC), also minimizes solvent contamination by permitting direct transfer of solvent via a vacuum siphon without repouring or air exposure. An on/off switching valve on the cap assembly allows the pump to be turned off during vacuum transfer. The use of vacuum minimizes reabsorption of atmospheric gasses. ORDERING INFORMATION ITEM CATALOG NO. DESCRIPTION Dispenser Reservoir Cap DRC-1 cap, 38mm. " DRC-2 cap, 33mm. " DRC-3 cap, 28mm. " DRC-4 cap, 24/40 std. taper. " DRC-5 cap, 40/35 std. taper LAZAR fluoropolymer SOLVENT RESERVOIR (TSR) With a total concern for laboratory safety as well as avoidance of possible contamination problems, LAZAR presents our innovative all PFA fluoropolymer Solvent reservoir bottle. Manufactured from thick walled PFA fluoropolymer, the TSR eliminates the possibility of implosions during a vacuum process. The total inertness of PFA fluoropolymer to almost all organic solvents as well as aqueous solvents eliminates contamination problems such as alkali leaching from glass and subsequent pH change in solvents. As a final benefit of the TSR, the thick, opaque walls of the reservoir protect photosensitive solvents from the effects of extraneous radiation. As with the solvent bottle cap above, the fluoropolymer Solvent bottles come with either a filtered air vent or PFA fluoropolymer resin siphon for vacuum solvent transfer directly to the solvent bottle. ORDERING INFORMATION ITEM CATALOG NO. DESCRIPTION fluoropolymer Solvent Reservoir with air vent TSV-1 1 liter " TSV-2 500ml. " TSV-3 250ml. fluoropolymer Solvent Reservoir with siphon TSS-1 1 liter " TSS-2 500ml. " TSS-3 250ml. Return Top of Page Get Additional Information on Product How to Order
For the HPLC user who wants the ultimate in convenience, simplicity, contaminant free and degassed solvents, LAZAR offers the all PFA fluoropolymer Solvent Reservoir Systems for isocratic, binary, and ternary work. For ISOCRATIC work, a Filter-Degasser unit is mounted on top of the 0.25, 0.50, or 1 liter size fluoropolymer solvent bottle. The solvent is simutaneously filtered and degassed as it enters the fluoropolymer bottle. The solvent is stored in the fluoropolymer reservoir and is delivered to the pump via 1/8 TFE tubing with ╝-28 end fittings. Particle contamination and reabsorption of environmental gasses is minimized due to the complete closure of the system. The above system can be fitted with a Chempure filtration unit to achieve the same results with discrete solvent volumes. For the HPLC user who is doing binary or ternary GRADIENT work, LAZAR offers the total solvent reservoir system. This system consists of 2 or 3 fluoropolymer solvent bottles, retrofitted with Filter-Degassers, and a system console featuring a selector switch for the simultaneous filtering, degassing, and filling of any of the individual solvent reservoirs. This selector switch allows vacuum to be activated to the appropriate solvent bottle as the dip tube is dipped into fresh solvent. After the filling operation is complete, a second lever is pulled relieving vacuum and applying an inert helium blanket to the solvent bottle. This system offers the ultimate in purification and dispensing of multiple solvents while offering the user a pure and simple way to handle solvents. The front panel of the system console also provides three ╝-28 standard receptacles for plumbling directly to the HPLC pump. The system console can be purchased separately for use with glass or other types of solvent bottles. ORDERING INFORMATION ITEM CATALOG NO. DESCRIPTION Fluoropolymer Reservoir Isocratic S-286 1 liter with Filter-Degasser " S-286-50 500ml with Filter-Degasser " S-286-25 250ml with Filter-Degasser " S-286CP 1 liter with Chempure Filter " S-286CP-50 500ml with Chempure Filter " S-286CP-25 250ml with Chempure Filter fluoropolymer Reservoir System SB-286 2 one liter fluoropolymer bottles with binary filter-Degassers and system console " SB-286CP 2 one liter fluoropolymer bottles with Chempure funnels and system console fluoropolymer Reservoir System ST-286 3 one liter fluoropolymer bottles with ternary Filter-Degassers and system console " ST-286CP 3 one liter fluoropolymer bottles with Chem- pure funnels and system console. System Console SC-286 System console without fluoropolymer bottles. Return Top of Page Get Additional Information on Product How to Order
YOU CAN NOW DO LC WITH ZERO BASELINE DRIFT GREAT FOR HPLC POST COLUMN DERIVITIZATION AND FIA Features *TOTALLY PULSELESS LIQUID DELIVERY. Unlike single or dual piston LC/HLPC pumps, this revolutionary gas driven pump offers totally pulseless solvent or mobile phase delivery. A piston pump with even the best pulse dampener cannot offer totally pulseless delivery. *MINIMIZE BASELINE DRIFT AND IMPROVE LC PERFORMANCE. This pulseless pump totally eliminates baseline drift caused by pressure fluctuations at the pump head and thereby greatly improves overall LC performance. *OPTIMIZE HPLC POSTCOLUMN DERIVITIZATION. The Zero-Pulse pump is ideal for post column derivitization in HPLC where a steady flow of derivitization reagent is required. *WIDE FLOW RANGE. The Zero-Pulse pump can be adjusted to give flow rates from 5 microliters/min. to 30 ml/min. *COMPATIBLE WITH MOST AQUEOUS AND ORGANIC SOLVENTS. All pump components making contact with the solvent are polypropylene and fluoropolymer for the low pressure pump and 316 stainless steel and fluoropolymer for the medium pressure pump. A fluoropolymer liner is also available for exposure of Solvents to fluoropolymer only. *COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD LC/HPLC PLUMBING. The Zero-Pulse pump uses standard ╝-28 plastic fittings which are compatible with all LC/HPLC systems. APPLICATION AREAS *Low/Medium Pressure LC *HPLC Postcolumn derivitization *Flash Chromatography-organic synthesis *RNA/DNA Synthesis *Critical Reagent Feeding *FIA ORDERING INFORMATION Low pressure Pump (0 to 70 psi). Includes thick walled polypropylene liquid reservoir, fluoropolymer plumbing and fittings pressure gauge and regulator (use with helium or nitrogen pressure source). 0.5 liter pulseless pump LPP-296ZP 1.0 liter pulseless pump LPP-297ZP 2.0 liter pulseless pump LPP-298ZP Medium Pressure Pump (0 to 100 psi). Includes Stainless steel liquid reservoir, fluoropolymer plumbing and fittings, pressure gauge and regulator (use with helium or nitrogen pressure source). 10 liter pulseless pump LPP-299ZP 20 liter pulseless pump LPP-300ZP Return Top of Page Get Additional Information on Product How to Order
Low Cost HPLC Column Temperature Control
HPLC water jacket is most effective yet lowest cost method for column temperature control. Fits most analytical and prep columns. Ordering Information model WJ-276A for HPLC columns 3 to 30cm long. model WJ-276B for HPLC columns 30 to 50cm long. model WJ-276C for HPLC columns 50 to 100cm long. Return Top of Page Get Additional Information on Product How to Order