Conductivity Intrumentation

Conductivity Meter-dual display
Conductivity Detector
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Measurement Ranges
pH              -2.00       to   16.00      pH
mV (ORP)        -999        to   +999       mV
Conductivity    0           to   199        uS/cm
                200         to   1999       uS/cm
                2.00        to   19.99      mS/cm
                20.00       to   199.9      mS/cm
Temperature     0           to   100        C


Application           Part Number      Connector

pH (only)             600E             BNC
pH/temp/mV (3 in 1)   6000E            4-pin
ATC (temp)            600A             coaxial
Conductivity          104              5-pin DIN 180

Power: 115/230 VAC and/or internal AA batteries (6)

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Model 1671 Dual Display Conductivity/ORP/pH meter

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THE ACU I LOW COST - HIGH PERFORMANCE CONDUCTIVITY MONITOR Features *Ideal for Modular Ion Chromatography. The ACU I conductivity monitor can be used in conjuction with an ion chromatography column, HPLC pump, and ion suppression system to build a complete ion chromatography system. *Ion Chromatogprahy using your HPLC system. Use the ACU I conductivity monitor to turn your HPLC system into an ion chromatography system. All you need is an ion chromatography column and a ion suppression system. *Ultrastable solid state electronics. The conductivity monitor uses the latest state of the art integrated circuitry, giving baseline stability, signal to noise ration, and overall performance comparable to units costing many times as much. *Electronic zero suppression. The conductivity monitor can be adjusted from 0 to 200% zero suppression using a panel mounted precision 10 turn potentiometer. *Broad conductivity ranges. The conductivity monitor has 3 front panel selectable conductivity ranges: 0 to 50, 0 to 500, and 0 to 5000 micromhos/cm. *Low volume flow cell. The conductivity cell has an internal volume of less than 20 microliters. *Positive temperature control. The conductivity monitor incorporates a thermistor in the flow cell for positive temperature compensation. *Ideal for low cost methods development. The conductivity monitor is ideal for low cost ion chromatography methods development for a wide variety of samples using different columns. *High Performance at low cost. The AcuI monitor has features such as zero suppression, which even some of the much more expensive units don't have, at a fraction of the cost. ORDERING INFORMATION Model ICM-180 conductivity detector Model ICM-180DM optional digital display for conductivity detector Go to top Get Additional Information on Product How to Order