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How to order & price quotations

Orders may be phoned in, faxed, emailed, or sent by mail.
For quickest service use phone, fax, or email.
You can reach us by email by simply touching and clicking the email address below with your mouse.
Terms are net 30 days on approved accounts. We can also ship COD in the USA, and accept Visa or MasterCharge*.
For international orders use fax or email.
Rush orders can often be processed within 24 hours if items are good in stock.
Feel free to contact us on price quotations, item availability, and bids.
But don't forget to see our Free Gifts with orders.

International orders. We welcome International Orders, and can airship directly to you anywhere in the world. Please contact us via fax or email about the items that interest you, and we will send you a pro forma invoice detailing item costs, shipping charges, payment terms, and shipping time.

toll free phone in U.S.: 800-824-2066
phone outside U.S.: 001-323-931-1204

Fax: 323-931-1434
~Note: outside The US and Canada, please dial 001 country code before phone number
mailing address:
Lazar Research Laboratories, Inc.
509 N. Fairfax Avenue, Suite 219
Los Angeles, CA, 90036
*Note: Visa and MasterCharge orders. For your protection do not give credit card numbers on your email. Just indicate that you wish to use a credit card and we will call you back to get the credit card information.
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