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Probably the funniest scientific humor on the World Wide Web

Speaking of mice, do you know that you can now measure the pH of a mouse'steardrop (very, very tiny) or for that matter mouse saliva and urine (don'tworry about the mice, all these tests are covered in their health plan).To find out more go to Micro pH & Ions

How do you quickly determine how foamy a beer is (and find out how big aburp he's gonna make)? Try our dissolved carbon dioxide probe for a rapidanalysis. To find out more go to Ions Electrodes .

If you also want to find out the water content of your favorite beer or liquor(make sure to measure before you drink)with your pH meter try our low cost aquametry system at Titration page .

Speaking of bacteria in petri dishes, how can you measure pH, dissolvedoxygen, and ions in your smallest biological samples (without losing sleepand getting red-eyed) ? Go to Micro pH and Ions Probes for further details.

Where are these guys off to so fast? They're driving off a pier because2 weeks of HPLC test results were compromised by impure HPLC solvent.It's too late for these losers, but you can optimize yourHPLC analysis by purifying your solvents before use.Also if you are doingprotein chromatography look into our inexpensive conductivity monitor.If you already own an HPLC, turn it into an ion chromatograph with our ionconductivity detector.

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