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Helpful hints in measuring pH

A useful booklet from LAZAR for anyonemaking pH measurements. You will find helpful hints in cleaning, storing,and calibrating pH electrodes and the type which is best suited for yourparticular sample. Special applications are reviewed including measuringpH of micro samples, micro flow samples such as in liquid chromatography,and measuring difficult samples such as viscous solutions, food samples,and those containing fluorides. Also included is a troubleshooting guideon commonly encountered difficulties with pH measurements. To get yourFREE booklet simply click the email address below and fill out the requestform asking for the pH booklet. We will email it to you. Heck, it's free,go for it! Just drop us a line at

Guide to filtering and degassing HPLC solvents

A handy guide for HPLCusers on the ins and outs of purifying HPLC solvents to get the bestperformance and increase the life of critical components such as pumpsand columns The effect of dissolved gases on spurious peaks and baselinedrift is discussed as well as the dissolved oxygen on fluorescence andelectrochemical detectors. Maintaining solvent purity after filtrationand degassing is also discussed. To get your FREE booklet simply clickthe email address below and fill out the request form asking for the HPLCsolvents booklet. We will email it to you. Contact us at

FREE rugged combination pH electrode

Place an order over $300.00 andreceive a combination pH electrode FREE. One of our most popular polymerbody combination electrodes which is a premium quality electrode featuringfull 0 to 14 pH range, 0 to 70 oC temperature range and is compatible withall common pH meters. To receive your FREE electrode specify it as a nocharge item on your purchase order. A $60.00 value. Order NOW!

~NOTE: Free items supplied with orders apply only to orders placed directly with LAZAR Research Laboratories, Inc.
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