About LAZAR Research, Inc.

LAZAR Research Laboratories, Inc. has been providing quality instrumentation to laboratories around the world for over 34 years. We have one of the largest selections of pH and ion electrodes and pH meters available anywhere. We are especially proud of our line of micro electrodes including our micro combination pH electrode which can measure less than a single drop of liquid and is the best selling electrode of its kind. We also carry a full line of micro flow through electrodes, conductivity monitors, dissolved oxygen probes, industrial pH probes, and fermentation electrodes. Our instruments have helped solve difficult analysis problems in the fields of biotechnology, analytical chemistry, and environmental science. Our unique accessories for HPLC solvent filtration and degassing can help optimize the performance of your HPLC system. For high purity filtration check out our all Teflon filterware. And of course, don't forget to check out the "Internet Laboratory Funnies", probably the funniest scientific humor on the Web.

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